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MEET US: Dillon & Hannah Goulding



If you want property managers that understand the investing side of real estate, you've come to the right place. We have had all the same concerns you have as we have developed our own rental portfolio. We learned all the lessons on our own properties when we first started and know what it takes to make your real estate investments enjoyable and passive! 


Let's talk numbers. When it comes to crunching the details and getting creative Dillon has it down to an art. As the Chief Operations Officer of Pizza Pie Cafe, Dillon managed and oversaw all locations sales, operations and overall profitability. He knows how to interview and place the right people for the position so you know you will get the best tenants. Dillon is also an experienced handyman and will personally take on the improvements and maintenance of your property.



With over 7 years experience in marketing, public relations, videography, and photography; Hannah will get your property in front of the right people.

Hannah has renovated multiple properties from single family and multi-units to college and H2A housing while focusing on being both budget friendly and long lasting.

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